People close to Biden’s campaign reveal his policy in Syria if he wins the elections

An adviser to the Democratic Candidate’s campaign told some Syrians that the Biden administration, if it is formed, “will make clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that there can be no American or European support for the reconstruction of Syria in the absence of political reform, and that reform must be meaningful.

An authoritative movement on key humanitarian issues and accountability”.

The advisor explained that “the Biden administration will use diplomatic communication to reassert the US leadership, to support the de-escalation measures and the political process,” and stressed “the need to release prisoners, while maintaining the US sanctions against Damascus and the entities that deal with it, including the Russian one”.

He stated that Joe Biden’s approach will preserve the presence of military forces in northeastern Syria “because it showed that it is a deterrent to Russian and Syrian air strikes, and at the same time it will look for ways to enhance Turkish operations in Idlib”.

He added, “Regardless of our differences with Turkey at present, we are aware of the impact of its operations in Idlib on preserving the lives of Syrians, and we will work together on that”.

The Syrian regime has committed crimes in Damascus, and he considered that “sanctions are a necessary tool within foreign policy tools, and imposing sanctions on Syria is only one of several important economic and diplomatic tools that must together form a policy that promotes justice and accountability, and pushes towards a political settlement to the Syrian war”.