Coronavirus: Italy tightens measures to combat Covid-19 in light of the increasing number of infections, and a British minister does not rule out extending the lockdown of England after it expires on December 2

Italian media reported on Sunday, that the government intends to tighten measures imposed to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, in light of the rapid increase in the number of infections.

The Italian news agency ANSA reported that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte intends to make a statement before Parliament in Rome on Monday, and then he will issue a decree regarding the new restrictions.

For his part, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza told the Corriere della Sera newspaper: “We have 48 hours to try to start implementing the tightening measures”.

According to media reports, it is planned to start regional closures in hot spots in terms of the spread of the Coronavirus, such as Lombardy, and in major cities such as Naples and Genoa, travel between regions can also be severely restricted.

The country, which has a population of 60 million, recorded 31,758 new cases and about 300 new deaths within 24 hours.

In London, the British Cabinet Affairs Minister Michael Gove did not rule out on Sunday, that the closure, which will begin in England next Thursday, will be extended beyond the scheduled end of December 2.

In statements to “Sky News” today, Goff defended the government’s delay in imposing the restrictions, which have been demanded by the government’s scientific advisers since September.

He stressed that “the situation has become worse than anyone expected”.

He said that the government will review the data in November, and he expressed hope that infection rates would be significantly reduced by the beginning of next month.

He added: “With a virus with this virulence, and given its ability to transmit quickly, it would be foolish to predict with absolute certainty what will happen during the next four weeks”.

Asked if the closure could be extended, he replied, “Yes”.