A Republican billionaire admits that he was wrong about Trump before his election and believes that today he is an impregnable bulwark against the emergence of socialism, revived the oil industry and attacked China

Frank Vandersloot, the richest man in Idaho, admits that he was “wrong about President Donald Trump,” confirming that in 2016 “I did not take him seriously”.

Today, this billionaire believes that the outgoing president is a bulwark against the rise of socialism in the United States.

The shifting position of this wealthy conservative philanthropist, president of Melaluca, an online health products company based in Idaho Falls, is shrinking the path traveled in five years by the Republican elites that Trump’s policy has printed in exchange for four years of conservative policy without hesitation.

“I did not think he would be conservative, but he kept his promises,” Frank Vanderslootsaid in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

“He supported free enterprise, abolished meaningless regulations, revived the oil industry, and attacked China and the media”.

He added that he was “the first president who did not start a war”.

But the businessman who bet on Marco Rubio in the 2016 Republican primary, finds some flaws he considers superficial to President Trump. 

He says he should have ordered the wearing of masks in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pointing to another concern, he added, “Trump has insulted the Republican Party because it looks evil. 

He is not like that, but he speaks evil.

He continued, “I do not know many conservatives who appreciate the way he spoke and his logic… He deals crudely with all those who criticize him, he is sensitive and arrogant, I personally do not like that”.

But Frank Vandersloot sums up his party’s collective betting in one sentence: “Everyone loves what they do.

We don’t like the way he does that”.

Frank Vandersloot, 72, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.5 billion according to Forbes magazine, does not seem optimistic about next Tuesday’s elections, which explains why he donated more than $ 2 million to Republicans this year, according to a statement collected on the “OpenSecret” website (in Time will spend more than 11 billion dollars on this election).

“I am worried, very worried about the idea that we have a new president, and that the Republicans lose their majority in the Senate, because then nothing will stop extremism,” he added.

It is necessary to understand the word extremism in the sense of American left-wing extremism.

Republicans can afford to lose the White House, but they know that a Democratic president cannot go far on climate, energy or environmental standards without a similar majority in the Senate.

Therefore, Vandersloot was generous in his donations to Senate candidates.

And he admits that the goal is to obtain “checks and balances” a counter-power in the face of President Biden.

“It is no secret that he is not in good condition, he will be severely affected by the extreme left and a Democratic Senate… The arrival of socialism is what worries me the most,” he said.

Vandersloot theorized that the Democratic Party would block any new aid package even after the next president’s inauguration in January, and “long enough to destroy all businesses”. 

So all Americans will depend on the government and allocations.

Frank Vandersloot warns that “we’ll have immediate socialism overnight”.

US President Donald Trump and his rival, Joe Biden, face in the US presidential elections scheduled for November 3.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic is overshadowing the race. 

More than 94,000 new infections were recorded Friday, at a new record high, while the total number of cases exceeded nine million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The elections are taking place in a country so divided amid feelings tied to the point that firearms sales have soared in some areas. 

In some cities, companies are placing wooden panels on their windows as a precaution, while law enforcement agencies prepare for potential violence.

For his part, US President Donald Trump will hold five election rallies in major states on Sunday, while his opponent Joe Biden focuses the end of his campaign on Pennsylvania, which is also considered essential, two days before the November 3rd poll.

Although he has held hundreds of election rallies, the 74-year-old Republican president does not show any sign of fatigue.

On the contrary, he is preparing for a trip that extends over a total of more than 3,500 km on Sunday (Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida). 

It also holds five electoral groupings in four states on the two.

Trump supporters, who gathered in four cities in Pennsylvania, chanted on Saturday, “Four more years, four more years”.

The former real estate mogul had narrowly beat then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, in this former industrial stronghold that might decide the fate of the elections.

Along a parallel, the first African-American president, Barack Obama, addressed the supporters of his former vice president, Joe Biden, who had gathered in their cars to observe physical distancing, in Michigan, which is also considered a key to the November 3rd election.

Obama, who was wearing a muzzle that read “vote”, affirmed that “everything is on the line Tuesday”, criticizing his successor’s management of the Covid-19 crisis in the country most affected by the epidemic in the world.

The Republican billionaire, for his part, brags to his supporters, who only a few wear masks, of underestimating the seriousness of Covid-19, which he himself was infected with.

Trump said Saturday that under the Biden administration, “you will be prisoners in your country”. 

According to estimates by economists from Stanford University published Thursday, 18 election rallies held by the president caused more than thirty thousand people to be infected with the new Coronavirus and more than 700 deaths (not necessarily among the participants in the rallies), based on statistical modeling.

The number of cases in the country is still high, with 77,000 cases of the disease recorded in the last twenty-four hours, following the registration of a national record number (94,000), according to the Johns Hopkins University census.

And the United States is the country most affected by the epidemic in terms of the number of deaths (230,320) and cases (9,111,013).

Unlike his opponent, Joe Biden strongly respects the restrictions imposed and preventive measures, to the point of accusing him by the Trump team, which raises questions about his physical and mental health, of “hiding in the basement of his home”.

On Saturday, Biden appeared to respond to these accusations as he arrived at the podium at the rally in Flint, walking fast and wearing his famous “aviator” sunglasses”.

It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home,” the Democratic candidate said.

The question still remains whether more black voters in Michigan would vote than they did in 2016.

Four years ago, fewer than 11,000 votes caused Trump to win in this state, with fewer than 11,000 votes.

Biden and Obama then headed to Detroit, the historic heart of the US auto industry and one of the poorest cities in the United States, where nearly 80% of the population is of African descent.

This year, the former vice president has a seven-point lead, according to the most recent polls.

Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris visited Florida to encourage voters to go to the polls early, in a state where Biden appears to be able to compete with the Republican president to win.

Joe Biden’s campaign team announced that the latter would address the word “to the nation” on the evening of election day, something Hillary Clinton had not done after her defeat four years ago.

On the other hand, the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, participated in a rally in Wisconsin on Saturday, as well as Republican Vice President Mike Pence in North Carolina, where the battle rages between the two candidates.

Like Trump and Biden, more than ninety thousand Americans have already voted in the presidential election, out of more than 230 million voters.

In an indication of the tension prevailing in all parts of the country with the approaching election date, several stores have been holed up in various American cities, including New York and Washington, DC, for fear of demonstrations turning into riots.

In the event of an intense battle and the results are delayed, some fear that supporters of the candidates will take to the streets to demand the cancellation of the opponent’s victory.

Trump predicted Saturday that “chaos will happen in our country”. 

The president’s tone was not reassuring, as he had repeatedly refused to clearly state whether he would hand over the government peacefully if he lost the elections.

“CNN” revealed Saturday that a number of officials in the White House have been cooperating for months, as usual, with Biden’s team to prepare for the possible transfer of power.