Liquidation of the person responsible for the theft of the Syrian oil fields in the countryside of Deir al Zour

A number of SDF militants affiliated with the US army have been killed in various targeting operations that continue in eastern Syria, including the local official responsible for stealing oil fields appointed by the US army.

Civil sources say in Deir al Zour Governorate that the so-called Khaled Khalif al Hammadi, nicknamed “Abu al Walid”, is responsible for the so-called “Deir al Zour Fuel Authority” in the so-called (Deir al Zour Civil Council) formed by the US army in the region.

He was killed, on Thursday afternoon, October 29th, while his two brothers were severely wounded by unidentified gunfire in the town of al Sabha, east of Deir al Zour.

The sources added that a militant from SDF was killed and others were wounded by unidentified gunfire on the road to the town of Kashkiya in the southeastern countryside of Deir al Zour.

In Raqqa, a member of SDF was killed in the explosion of a mine planted by unknown persons in the vicinity of Ain Issa city, north of Raqqa.

In the context, tribal sources reveled that hundreds of residents of the towns of al Hol and Markada, in the southern and eastern countryside of Hasakeh governorate, went out, on Thursday, October 29, with demonstrations and protests denouncing the positions of France and its president inciting to insulting the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, and evolved into condemning the US and the so-called “international coalition” forces in which France participates, and his aides in SDF organization, demanding their expulsion from their areas.

In parallel, SDF organization, with the support of the US army, carried out a new campaign of raids in the countryside of Deir al Zour and Hasakeh, kidnapped a number of civilians and punished them for taking out demonstrations demanding their departure from the area.

In the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour, local sources revealed that “armed groups from SDF” stormed the town of al Hawayj and surrounded a number of houses there and stormed them in the midst of intense gunfire to intimidate the people and kidnapped a number of civilians and took them in handcuffs to an unknown destination.

The areas under the control of the US army in the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour and the areas of eastern Syria in general are witnessing popular upheaval and a tribal uprising demanding his departure and the expulsion of the militants loyal to him.