French media: While police escaping through alleys … Angry Turks roam the streets of the French city of Vienne, searching for Armenians to punish them

More than 200 angry young men from the Turkish community toured the streets of Vienne in the province of Isire, then in the city of Design in the Rhone region in France on the evening of Wednesday October 28, 2020, as they searched for Armenians for their “punishment” against the background of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The demonstration began in the streets of the French city of Vienne a few minutes before the curfew began on Wednesday evening, and a small and violent crowd took over the streets and began shouting, “Where are you Armenians?” and “God is Great” and some of them waved Turkish flags.

When the police tried to control the chaos, the crowd met them with gunfire, before retreating, and its members ended up fleeing through the streets.

Videos and photos of what happened widely shared on various accounts on social networks.

According to the information of the French press, it all started early on the same day when about 300 Armenian citizens gathered and chanted “Erdogan is terrorist” carrying Armenian flags and demanded international recognition of the independence of Nagorno Karabakh.

Suddenly, 5 to 7 Turkish people got out of their cars, and it turned into a fierce battle in which knives were pulled and a young man fell to the ground and blood dripped from his head before he was taken to hospital by helicopter for emergency surgery due to fractures in the skull.

At the end of the afternoon, about fifty cars gathered and took their way to the city of Vienna “with the aim of conducting a threatening parade” for Armenians, according to a police source.

Cars shut down traffic in the city amid the sound of trumpets, the roar of accelerators and the explosion of fireworks, then their passengers got off and walked the streets of the city center armed with baseball bats and iron bars carrying Turkish flags and chanting slogans against Armenians and Armenia, in addition to threatening passers-by.

Audrey Keye, the prosecutor of the republic in Vienna, said that an investigation had been opened into acts of violence against the police and harming the public interest and that “investigations are underway to try to identify the perpetrators”.