Armenian army captured a Syrian fighter fighting alongside Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh

On Friday, the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Forces announced the arrest of a Syrian citizen “who fought alongside Azerbaijan”.

The official media center, through its channel on “Telegram”, said: “The IDF units in Karabakh arrested another terrorist,” adding:

The initial questioning leaves no doubt that there are terrorists on the Azerbaijani front.

The statement indicated that the name of the “radical” prisoner is “Muhrad Muhammad al Khair, of Syrian origin”.

On the other hand, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Oleg Seramolotov, expressed the danger of the infiltration of mercenaries participating from Syria and Libya in the Karabakh battles to Russia.

The renewed military clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan last September 27, and the Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev, approved the imposition of a state of war in a number of cities and regions of the republic and the curfew, and announced a partial mobilization. 

Prior to that, the US Cabinet declared a state of war and general mobilization in the country due to the events in Nagorno Karabakh.

Earlier, the United States of America announced that a new humanitarian truce had been reached between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Karabakh region, the second after a humanitarian truce that was signed by the two parties on the 18th of this October, but the two parties exchanged accusations of violating them.