Poll: 79% of French will vote for populist candidates because of terrorism and the economic crisis

A new poll said that about 80% of French people are preparing to vote for “populist” anti-regime candidates from the extreme right or the radical left, due to the escalating economic crisis and fears of increased terrorist attacks.

The poll, requested by “Le Figaro” newspaper from the “Foundation for Political Renewal”, said that 79% of the voters in the 2022 presidential elections will vote for anti-regime candidates due to lack of confidence in those in power and doubts about globalization, especially after the yellow vest protests and the economic damage caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Eight out of ten registered voters said they would consider abstaining from voting, voting with a blank slate, or voting for candidates such as Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Melanchon, or others of less weight from the extreme right.

The leader of the National Rally Party, Marine Le Pen, still tops the anti-regime voting list and today has a high electoral fortune, with 18% of voters saying they are “confident” to vote for her in the first round of the elections, ahead of Milanachon (8%) and Emmanuel Macron himself (16%).

72% of those polled said they could vote for at least one of the four major parties, namely the Socialist Party, the Greens, the Republican Party, and President Macron’s party, with a stronger appeal for a green vote (42%).

However, these formations find themselves facing harsh criticism related to increasing doubts about the effectiveness of representative democracy.

According to this poll, 25% of the French prefer establishing a direct democracy, while 12% said they support an authoritarian regime.

These figures indicate the increasing tendency of French society to impose the power and authority of the state, especially in light of the increasing demands to control security and protect the population after a summer that witnessed a significant rise in levels of violence and after terrorist attacks by extremist Islamists.