Trump casts his vote early in Florida in the presidential election, fearing crowding on polling day in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump went Saturday morning local time to a polling station in West Palm Beach, Florida, to cast his vote early in the US presidential elections scheduled for November 3.

The US President arrived at the polling station located inside a library to exercise his right as a citizen, but at an early stage, similar to the 55 million Americans who had previously cast their ballots for fear of crowding on polling day in light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Trump was wearing a muzzle when entering the polling station.

“The recommendation was very secure, much safer than you would do when sending your card in the mail,” said the Republican billionaire, who always points, without providing evidence, to the possibility of widespread fraud during mail voting.

“Everything was wonderful, in a completely accurate way and by respecting the rules,” he added, adding that he cast his vote “for a person called Trump”.

“You will be very busy today, they will make you make a great effort,” he declared before the press, before launching on a marathon day during which he will participate in three election rallies in three states: North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.