A Turkish journalist reveals the posts from which Turkey will withdraw in Syria

A Turkish journalist revealed the posts from which Turkey would withdraw in Syria, as German journalist linked this withdrawal with what is happening in Azerbaijan.

Turkish journalist Levent Kemal said, through his Twitter account, that Turkey will withdraw from 4 observation points in Syria… Shermagar – Morek – Tal Touqan – Sheikh Aqil, points from which Turkey has confirmed more than once that it will not withdraw from it.

German journalist Julian Robke shared Kemal’s tweet, commenting on it by saying: “September 2020… Azerbaijan (Turkey’s ally) began the process of recapturing Karabakh, after 26 years… Russia, the protective power of Armenia, does not move a finger”.

He added: October 2020… Turkey withdraws from the besieged observation points in Idlib, which makes the control of the Syrian army, Russia’s ally, over these areas completely unchangeable meaning these areas will never return to opposition control, and Assad will not back down Advance it.

Robke considered what is happening to be a “deal” between Turkey and Russia.

Informed sources told Reuters that Turkey withdrew its forces from a military site in northwestern Syria, which was besieged by the Syrian army last year, but it is strengthening its presence elsewhere in the region.

The observation post in Morek was one of about a dozen sites set up by Turkish soldiers in 2018 under an agreement to de-escalate the fighting between Syrian government forces and Turkish-backed fighters who control the Idlib region in the northwest of the country. 

Last year, the Syrian army forces in their advance surrounded Morek and many other Turkish sites.

Ankara kept its forces in those locations and has continued supplying them since then, while working to consolidate the rest of the opposition-held territories.