Walla: 90% of Arabs are against relations with Israel

A report prepared by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs revealed that 90% of the Arab discourse on social media websites about relations with Israel is negative.

An article by Israeli writer Barak Rafid and published on the Israeli website Walla stated that 95% of the critical speech on the relationship agreement was directed towards the UAE that led the initiative, not Bahrain.

According to the ministry’s report, it is estimated that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the pro-Palestinian organizations have initiated and encouraged much of this discourse.

In its report, the ministry recommended that Israel should promote an awareness campaign on Arab social networks, with a focus on the Gulf states and other countries that might sign agreements with them.

The author of the article points out that the preparation of this report is part of the attempt of the Minister of Strategic Affairs, Orit Farkash Hacohen, to change the essence of the ministry’s work, which in recent years has mainly included activities against organizations that promote boycotts of Israel and the settlement project.