Syrian President visits Syrian coastal villages that been hit with fires… describing it as a national disaster

Syrian President Bashar al Assad visited on Tuesday, the villages in the countryside of Lattakia, one of the areas that have been exposed to unprecedented fires in the country, and affected agricultural and forest lands in three governorates.

The Official Syrian news agency “SANA” stated, “Assad listened to the people in the village in the northern countryside of Lattakia to find out about their most important priorities that help them strengthen the factors of their clinging to their land and replant it as soon as possible,” noting that the ministers of local administration and the environment, Hussein Makhlouf, and Agriculture and Reform The agricultural Hassan Qatna, accompanied the lion on his visit.

The Syrian president described the fires that his country was subjected to as a national disaster in both humanitarian and economic terms, and said that the challenges are great, stressing the government’s readiness for support.

Assad said that material resources were provided to support those affected, and indicated that part of that support came from the state and the other from the local community.

The Syrian President identified the upcoming challenges in three, the first of which is that most of the people lost the current season and that the loss of resources will be for a year for these people, and stressed that the government will bear the financial burdens for the people, and added that the second challenge is the challenge of reproduction through technical and humanitarian support.

Assad talked about the tendency to sell lands, and said that this constitutes the third challenge and explained that some people may take advantage of the people’s need and offer to buy land, and some may feel that their lands are no longer useful and then sell it.

Assad added that 60 percent of the damage was in the forested areas, and he indicated that “the fear of the spread of violations” in those areas that were exposed to fire, and held the local administrations responsible for suppressing those violations if they occurred and to be strict in that, and he said that the forested areas are “a national wealth, not Less important than productive land.

He added that his government “will provide great facilities” for the affected people, and will bear the burden in this area, and that it has drawn up plans that he described as “realistic and can be normalized,” saying: “What is important is that we work day and night”.

Assad began his visit to the areas affected by the fires in the Baloran tourist village in the Lattakia countryside.

Syria witnessed simultaneous fires that broke out in the governorates of Tartous, Lattakia and Homs, at dawn last Friday, and no official data was issued about the losses, which is expected to be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture next Thursday, after the end of the work of the damage assessment committees.

According to the latest statement by Minister of Agriculture Hassan Qatana, 172 fires broke out in the three governorates, and these fires led to three deaths, two of them as a result of burns and one as a result of smoke inhalation in one day.