Foreign Policy: Pleasing Pompeo to Trump by revealing Clinton’s messages is tense and possibly illegal

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised to President Trump to reveal the messages of his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, caused tension between state officials and the depth of divisions on the eve of the presidential elections.

According to the US “Foreign Policy” magazine, “Pompeo’s rush to win Trump’s approval and reveal the old e-mails of Hillary Clinton raises the concern of many State Department officials who fear that this step is illegal and constitutes interference in the elections”.

The magazine that reported the news about the tense political atmosphere of 4 US officials and a number of congressional aides, like many other officials and politicians, asked about the background of this urgent desire to publish Clinton’s messages after nearly eight years of leaving the State Department.

The Foreign Policy magazine confirmed that high-ranking officials in the US State Department consider that the implementation of Pompeo’s orders may be contrary to the Federal Hatch Law, which may cause trouble for those cooperating with the current Secretary of State, at a time when there are clear signs of restlessness and fatigue in the American diplomatic community from these internal political conflicts.