Trump confirms that he has acquired ‘immunity’ against Covid-19 and is ready to fight his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the election campaign

US President Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that he had “immunity” to the emerging Coronavirus, expressing his aspiration to fight his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in the election campaign, reaching the presidential elections.

Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox News: “It seems that I have immunity, maybe, I don’t know, for a long time, maybe for a short period, or maybe for life. 

Nobody really knows, but I’m immune”.

Trump added, “You have a president who has immunity… you have today a president who does not need to hide in the basement of his home as his opponent,” referring to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

There are still many questions surrounding the issue of immunity against Covid-19, as the exact level of protection that the antibodies give to the immune system remains unknown, as is the duration of this immunity.

And in late August, researchers in Hong Kong announced that they had discovered the first recurring case of Coronavirus in the world, in a person months after his recovery.

In a brief statement published on Saturday evening, Doctor Sean Conley stressed that the US President “is no longer considered a potential source of transmission of Covid-19 infection”.

And on Sunday, Trump released a tweet in which he said, “A whole sign from the White House doctors yesterday. 

That is, I cannot be infected again with the virus,” adding that it has acquired immunity and cannot transmit infection”.

It is very good to know this”.

Twitter partially blocked this tweet for violating the platform’s rules regarding spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.

On Saturday evening, Trump addressed the White House a speech to hundreds of his supporters who wore the famous red hats bearing the slogan “Let us make America great again”.

The president will resume his campaign festivals early next week at an intense pace, as the White House announced that he will visit Florida on Monday, Pennsylvania on Tuesday and Iowa on Wednesday.

He is expected to boast of choosing Conservative Judge Amy Connie Barrett as a member of the Supreme Court. 

The Senate begins a session to discuss Trump’s option despite the Democrats ’objection, knowing that their chances of preventing the conservative judge’s appointment to the Supreme Court before the November 3 maturity are very weak.

Trump hinted, in his interview with Fox News, that his 77-year-old Democratic opponent may be sick.

“If you look at Joe, he was sneezing terribly on Saturday, then grabs his muzzle, and then sneezes,” he said, adding, “I don’t know what that means, but the media didn’t talk about it much”.

Biden’s team always publishes the results of its tests to detect the emerging Coronavirus, and so far all have been negative.

Meanwhile, more ambiguity surrounds the US president’s health status. 

His medical team completely refuses to announce the date of his last examination, which was negative.

This position reinforces suspicions that the president had not undergone any test for several days before his positive test on October 1.

The United States has recorded more than 214,000 Covid-19 deaths.

Biden is ahead of Trump by nearly ten points in the nationwide poll average, and has boosted his lead on voting intentions in states that are election-critical.

In the face of these worrying numbers for his political future, Trump resorted, more than ever, to recalling the surprise he achieved in 2016 (he won the presidency despite polls indicating the progress of his rival Hillary Clinton), stressing that history will repeat itself.

In a tweet he launched this morning, Trump recalled the quote of election statistician Knight Silver, who emphasized that “Trump’s victory in 2016 was the biggest political shock of my life”.

Trump responded by saying, “The reason is simply that you got things completely wrong,” adding, “This time there is more enthusiasm than there was in 2016”.

“Huge crowds !!!”