The Independent publishes testimonials confirming Turkey’s sending Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan

The British newspaper “The Independent” said that it had obtained testimonies, documents and statements stating that Turkey sent Syrian mercenaries to the battlefront in the Karabakh region, which is disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The report pointed out that “hundreds of Syrian mercenaries are taking part alongside the Azeri forces in the raging fighting in Karabakh against the Armenian forces,” in exchange for money “even if it was at the expense of their lives in a battle far from their homeland”.

The newspaper added that the fighters were recruited by a private Turkish security company, confirming that they had received voice messages through the application of “WhatsApp” to Syrians in Azerbaijan visiting one of their comrades injured in the fighting, and made contacts with members of his family.

The newspaper pointed out that the Turkish and Azerbaijani governments’ denial of the presence of Syrian mercenaries in the Karabakh battles contradicts the documents and confessions they obtained with audio and video.

It quoted a person named Abu Muhammad as saying that his cousin is currently in the hospital in Azerbaijan after he was injured in the battles, indicating that he repeatedly tried to join the ranks of the Syrian mercenaries fighting alongside Azerbaijan, but his request was rejected as a result of his old injury.