The Guardian: Republicans fear Trump will lose the presidential election

The Guardian published an article written by Richard Luscombe titled “Republicans Express Fear About Trump’s Loss of the Presidential Election”.

The author notes that Republican Senator Ted Cruz fears a “bloodbath” in the election. 

And fellow Republican Senator Tom Tillis has always talked about the presidency of Joe Biden. 

Even Mitch McConnell, the leader of the fiercely loyal majority in the Senate, does not even want to approach the White House because of Donald Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus protocols.

On the individual level, the author believes that they are comments that are out of the ordinary from Trump’s allies who are trying to rally support for the US president just days before the general elections, which opinion polls show that he is increasingly losing.

But collectively, along with statements from many other Republicans who appear to be distancing themselves from Trump and his administration and policies, the author believes, this reflects the growing concern within the upper echelon of the Republican Party that November 3 may be a win.

Great for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Elsewhere, according to the article, Republican dissatisfaction with Trump is becoming increasingly evident, especially among candidates running their own tight races.

McConnell’s comments about why he has not visited the White House for at least two months can be seen in a different context, given that he is 78 years old and in the same age group at risk, just as the president who is already infected.

The writer concludes his article by saying that this opposition from Trump’s strong ally had not been heard of during the four years of the presidency. 

McConnell’s words seem to reflect the threat that a nationwide backlash to Trump’s handling of the pandemic poses to the Republican majority in the Senate.