Sources: US helicopters chasing Russian helicopters in the sky of Hasakeh

Local media reported that the US helicopters chased Russian helicopters that flew over the countryside of Hasakeh, near the border with Turkey, in a new step after the usual ground tension between the two forces on Syrian soil.

The sources said, on Saturday, an American helicopters chased Russian helicopters in the airspace of the town of Rumailan and Karaki in the countryside of Hasakeh, in an attempt to keep those helicopters away from the sky of the region.

The American helicopters continued flying over the region for some time after chasing the Russian helicopters, without any significant incidents between the two parties.

Local Facebook pages posted pictures of the Russian helicopter flight while it was flying in the sky of Karaki for some time, in a move that is considered new in that area near the Turkish border, and the Russian and American parties do not comment on these military incidents in the region.

Those towns in Hasakeh governorate are under the control of the SDF, backed up by the US army, which has military bases and conducts constant patrols in the areas east of the Euphrates.

These areas recorded frequent chases between the Russian and American military patrols, in an attempt by the latter to keep the Russians away from their areas of control, while the air pursuit is the first tension of its kind between the two parties in the sky of the region.

The regions east of the Euphrates are witnessing an international conflict between three regional powers, the United States, Russia and Turkey, as this issue constitutes a knot between the conflicting forces around Syria.