Trump intends to organize the first election rally after he was infected with Covid-19 and an official is ruling out his return to his election campaign

US President Donald Trump confirmed that he hopes to resume his election campaign on Saturday after he got the green light to do so from his doctor, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepares to unveil plans to open an investigation into his ability to continue ruling after he was infected with Covid-19.

Less than a month before the elections expected on the third of November, the Democratic leader took an extraordinary step by proposing a bill, the details of which will be revealed on Friday, providing for the formation of a committee to investigate the extent of the president’s ability to assume power and whether he should be removed from office based on Amendment 25 in the Constitution.

The move came after Trump harshly criticized his opponents and raised a buzz about the date of the upcoming debate with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

In light of the high level of tension over the president’s injury and questions about his ability to make decisions, Trump said in an interview with “Fox News” late Thursday that he wanted to organize an election rally on Saturday.

“I think I will try to hold a rally on Saturday night if we have enough time to organize it,” he said, adding that it would be “probably in Florida”.

He also indicated that another rally might take place the next day in Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, Trump’s doctor gave the president the green light to resume his public activities over the weekend.

“Saturday will be the tenth day since (the infection) was diagnosed,” Sean Connelly said in a statement. 

Based on the course of advanced diagnostics being made by the (medical) team, I fully expect the President to safely return to public commitments” from October 10th.

After his election campaign was halted due to his Covid-19 infection, Trump released a series of angry statements Thursday on Fox Business, describing Democratic Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris as a “monster” and illegal immigrants as “rapists” while calling for charges to be brought against Biden and the Former President Barack Obama.

Perhaps the most prominent statements that caught Pelosi’s attention were those in which the 74-year-old president said he had defeated Covid-19 “because I have an ideal physique and because I am very young”.

Pelosi warned that Trump is suffering from a “detachment from reality that would have been funny had it not been for its lethal danger”.

As for the prominent Democratic Representative, James Clayburn, he warned via “CNN” that Trump “is showing highly disturbed behavior” that has aroused public concern.

With Democrats questioning the president’s statements about his speedy recovery from Covid-19 and Pelosi’s announcement of her proposal for an investigation, Trump responded angrily on Twitter, saying, “Only crazy Nancy should be under surveillance”.

They don’t call her crazy for no reason!”

Democratic members of Congress called for an investigation into the role of the US administration in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bloomberg News reported on Friday that Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Patti Murray and Jay Peters have called for an investigation into the political influence of President Donald Trump’s administration into the response of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Covid-19.

The letter to the Government Accountability Office, followed reports that the Trump administration’s intervention had led to public confusion and distrust about health information that could help limit the spread of the virus.

Last month, the Democratic members of the Senate had also implemented the Science and Policy Transparency Act, known as the “Stop” law, whereby lawmakers would be held responsible for any politically motivated intervention in the response to the pandemic.

Trump’s refusal to participate in next week’s debate in front of Biden due to the organizers’ decision to hold it online due to his Covid-19 infection caused chaos in the schedule of debates. 

There are usually three debates taking place, and the two candidates have the opportunity to prepare for them long before they are due.

After an argument between the Trump and Biden teams, it seems that only two debates will take place in total, the next on October 22 after the one that was supposed to take place on the 15th of this month in Miami was canceled.

With Biden leading the polls and able to travel, as the Democratic candidate visited Arizona Thursday and launched a bus tour with Harris as part of the election campaign, Trump appears to be facing a difficult period.

The president is still recovering after spending three nights in the hospital, while the White House has turned into the epicenter of the epidemic, with dozens of people close to Trump confirmed to have been infected.

His decision to boycott next week’s debate that would have allowed the attendees to ask questions of the two candidates is a rare opportunity to defeat Biden in a live TV showdown.

The president accused the organizers of trying to “protect” Biden after the two candidates exchanged insults in Cleveland on September 29th.

His campaign manager Bill Stephen described the organizers as “pathetic” and announced that a campaign rally would be held instead.

On the other side, Biden campaign spokeswoman Kate Biddingfield accused the president of trying to avoid “facing voters’ questions about his failures linked to Covid-19 and the economy”.

The two teams agreed that the next and likely final debate in Nashville on October 22nd should take place in a way that allows the audience to ask questions.

While the Trump campaign team called for a third debate five days before the election, Biden’s team rejected the order, saying that “Trump’s disruptive behavior does not allow him to reschedule” election-related events.

While Trump said he defeated Biden “easily” in their first debate, opinion polls revealed that the president is far behind his rival.

Expectations currently indicate that Biden is heading to defeat Trump in several key states that are considered “swing” (that is, the change of loyalty between the two parties from one election to another), and that he is even a threat to him in the strongholds of a republic like Texas.

Trump’s personal battle with Covid-19 has re-highlighted an issue that most respondents see as a failure to manage.

The epidemic, which killed about 212,000 people in the United States, has wrested Trump from his favorite file in the elections, which is the economy, which was in a strong position before the emergence of Covid-19 in the United States at the beginning of the year.

For his part, a US administration official said on Friday that President Donald Trump is unlikely to return to continue his campaign this weekend as he had hoped, and that he would likely return on Monday.

Trump, who is recovering from infection with the Coronavirus, had said Thursday evening, that he hoped to hold election rallies in Florida on Saturday and in Pennsylvania on Sunday, but his aides said that arrangements for holding events during such a short period made them difficult to implement.