The US army stormed the town of eastern Syria after eliminating 4 fighters from the SDF

The US forces, backed by SDF, stormed on Thursday evening, the town of Theban in the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour, after 4 SDF fighters were killed.

Local sources in the countryside of Deir al Zour, reported that 4 members of SDF affiliated with the US army were killed and others were wounded, in an attack carried out by unidentified persons targeting, near midnight, the organization’s checkpoint at the entrance to the town of Theban, which is a stronghold of the Arab al Akidat tribe in the countryside Eastern Deir al Zour.

The sources added that a military convoy of the US army, accompanied by SDF militants, entered the town of Dhiban and the city of al Shuhail from the US base in the al Omar oil field adjacent to the area.

The US and SDF forces carried out a campaign of arrests among civilians against the background of the attack, with a great mobilization of the militants loyal to them at their checkpoints and the points where they are stationed in the vicinity of the area. 

It should be noted that the US campaign is still continuing at the moment of preparing this report.

Also on Thursday evening, two members of SDF were shot dead by an unknown man on a motorcycle in the town of Tayyana, east of Deir al Zour.

Meanwhile, “Amleh al Muhaisen al Abdul Aziz,” a notable in the city of al Shuhail and a member of the so-called “Civil Council” close to the US Army, was killed as a result of his wounds sustained after unidentified persons on a motorcycle shot him near the Sarout mill in the city of Shuhail.

On the other hand, the meeting of the tribes of the eastern countryside of Deir al Zour, which was held in the town of Abu Hamam, on Thursday, came out with a set of demands in which they called on the “international coalition” led by the US army and the SDF to achieve them, chiefly the removal of all detainees from the region from prisons.

The participants threatened to resort to peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins in the event that the demands were not implemented within a limited period, without specifying the time limit.

The demands of the dignitaries came in the statement, which stressed “the pursuit of stability in the region and the arbitration of reason and standing hand in hand in the face of all external interference and terrorism,” referring to “the corruption, marginalization, absence of services, neglect of education and the deliberate health aspect”.

The statement that came out of the meeting called for “working in a real way to improve services such as water, electricity and street repair,” in addition to supporting health and education in the governorate’s countryside, as well as supporting all families who lost their members in “fighting terrorism,” since 2014 until today, according to the statement’s expression.