The Hill: Trump can use the “1876” plan to return to the White House

The Hill newspaper said that Donald Trump has an “unethical” way to return to the White House in the next presidential election, similar to what happened in 1876.

Harvard Professor Joseph Nye said that Trump became president without winning the popular vote, and that he is now behind Biden in opinion polls, and if Biden does not crush him in the results, then he can resort to the plan “1876”.

Professor Nye added that by reducing the votes of minorities, delegitimizing the results, and creating enough legal chaos to prevent the electoral college from reaching a majority of 270 votes, Trump could transfer the elections to the House of Representatives.

And if the elections are referred to the House of Representatives, then every state has one vote, but the scenario is “shameful and corrupt” and will tear apart the standards and essence of American democracy, according to historians.

He said that public opinion in America must be prepared so that the results may be delayed for a whole month, and will not be the same night, and the public opinion must know that “all votes are counted” even if they were counted for several weeks.

He pointed out that if Trump rejects the result, then the Americans should demonstrate peacefully, or Biden can shorten all of this by winning an early and comprehensive victory over Trump.