The advisor to the US president says that Trump came to the Oval Office the day after his discharge from the hospital and does not suffer from any symptoms?

US President Donald Trump attended the Oval Office at the White House on Tuesday, the day after he was discharged from the hospital, where he received treatment after suffering from the Covid-19 epidemic.

His economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, confirmed to CNBC that “the government is working,” adding that “the president came to the White House, on Tuesday, taking the utmost precautions regarding Covid-19, at a time of increasing infections with the new Coronavirus among his aides.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump, a backward in opinion polls, described his Democratic opponent as “an idiot a month before the presidential election”.

Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “He’s been crazy for years and everyone knows that”. 

He added that “the media find themselves forced to deal with him and try to protect him,” adding, “Have you noticed that all the negative matters and his very low IQ are no longer mentioned?” Misleading news!”

Recent polls show a clear lead for Biden.

CNN led the Democratic candidate with 57% of the vote, compared to 41% for Trump.

Trump linked his tweet to a video showing Biden during his election campaign telling a group of young dancers, “I want to see you dancing when you are four years older”.

The station “Fox News” considered that Biden’s clear indication of his intention to campaign for re-election four years from now is inappropriate.

Trump has vowed to quickly return to his election campaign and take part in the second presidential debate against Biden in Miami on October 15.

And Donald Trump’s doctor confirmed Wednesday that the US president, who tested positive for the Covid-19 epidemic a week ago, has not had any symptoms for 24 hours and has not had a fever for four days.

The brief health newsletter prepared by his doctor, Sean Connelly, began with an unusual phrase: “The president says this morning: ‘I feel in good health!”

“He has not had a fever for more than four days and has not had symptoms for more than 24 hours,” the doctor added.

For his part, a White House spokesman confirmed that Donald Trump did not attend the Oval Office Tuesday, contradicting what one of the US President’s advisers had said earlier.

Trump’s behavior, the day after his discharge from hospital, where he received treatment for his Covid-19 epidemic, is being watched closely at a time of increasing infections among White House workers, including journalists.

“The president wanted to be in the Oval Office on Tuesday, but he did not come to him and worked from his residence,” the president’s spokesman Ben Williamson wrote on Twitter.

The president’s economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, had confirmed earlier to “CNBC” that Trump “came to the White House, on Tuesday taking the utmost precautions regarding Covid-19”.

The White House indicated that preparations are underway to allow the president to return to his office in the coming days.

Before leaving Walter Reed Military Hospital on Monday, his doctors stated that he had “not fully recovered yet,” stressing that they would not be reassured of his condition for a week.