Russian President praises relations with US President Trump despite US sanctions imposed on Moscow and speaks frankly about his opinion of Biden, the US elections, and Russia’s support

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised US President Donald Trump for his work to improve relations between the United States and Russia despite the imposition of sanctions, but he indicated that there are foundations for cooperation also with Joe Biden if he wins the US presidential elections.

Bloomberg news agency quoted Putin as saying, in what it described as the most detailed statements yet about the US presidential election campaigns, that Trump “spoke repeatedly in a supportive way” to strengthen relations with Russia and “we certainly appreciate that very much”.

In a televised interview broadcast on Wednesday, he indicated that the existence of a bipartisan consensus in the United States on the need to contain Russia means that “the intentions that President Trump spoke about earlier were not fully realized”.

Putin indicated that although there was a “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric” on the part of the Democratic candidate, Biden said he was ready to extend the “New START Treaty”, to limit nuclear weapons, or to reach a new agreement to limit strategic weapons.

Putin described this as “a very important component of our potential future cooperation”.