Military Mutiny in IDF!

The Israeli army announced a state of rebellion among the soldiers of a military base, and they will be tried immediately.

The Hebrew website “Walla” reported, on Wednesday, that about 80 soldiers refused to obey the military orders that were to transfer them to an isolation compound, for fear of transmitting the Coronavirus “Covid 19” infection to them.

The website stated that two cases of Coronavirus were discovered last week at the Nitzanim military base, and that, on the background of that, the base leadership decided to transfer about 80 soldiers serving in the departments of patients who were verified to an isolation complex, where those who had contact with one of the injured were also transferred, while he suffered Some of them have symptoms.

The Israeli website indicated that these soldiers rebelled and refused to move to the isolation camp for fear of infection, and they are expected to face disciplinary measures for refusing the order.

The website stated that an Israeli soldier was injured during his vacation on past Jewish holidays, as a result of his contact with his parents, who were infected with the virus, and that upon the return of the soldier to his base, another soldier was infected with him, which prompted the leaders of the military base to act as isolation for the soldiers, to refuse the military orders later.