Hundreds of Lebanese of Armenian origin leave to fight in Karabakh

A press reports revealed that hundreds of Lebanese Armenians went to Armenia to fight against Azerbaijan, claiming that the Armenians were subjected to a “new genocide”.

The report confirmed that prominent personalities among the Lebanese who left for Armenia, for example, Antoine Sidrian, a political activist in the Free Patriotic Movement led by Representative Gebran Bassil, declared that he had left Lebanon for Armenia, and said in a video, in which he appeared wearing a military uniform.

The Armenian people and the whole diaspora are behind the army, and we received the uniforms to fight.

There is a section that went to fight, and others are waiting for their turn.

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Armenian Tashnak Party in Lebanon, Representative Agoub Pakradounian, as saying that “Armenians consider that they are facing a new war of extermination that pushed them to defend their motherland, and made themselves members of the Armenian army,” explaining that “volunteering is not direct or organized with the aim of bringing fighters, to resist attacks.

On Armenia and its entrenchment, and there are no calls in this regard, especially from the Armenian parties in Lebanon.

He added: “We understand the rush of young people, who go on their own, as they are the“ descendants of genocide, ”and it is the right of the people to decide their fate, and today, every Armenian in Armenia, with his heart and his practice, is considered a pillar of defense, for this is the popular resistance on which we were raised“.

And there – according to Pakradounian – many Lebanese of Armenian origin left for Armenia, before the outbreak of the war, due to the deteriorating economic conditions, especially after the explosion of the Beirut port and “special sources” indicate that the figures issued by the Armenian Foreign Ministry regarding the entry of about 800 Lebanese Of Armenian origin, to settle in Yerevan, as a result of the economic crisis and the explosion of the port, it is inaccurate, as it places them as settlers or immigrants, noting that a large part returned to Lebanon, and this was confirmed by MP Pakradounian.

The latter stressed that “Lebanese Armenians have properties and commercial interests, especially in Yerevan, and some of them go to spend the summer season only, and then return at the end of the season, and there are those who travel periodically to follow up on their work, and other reasons, as immigration means leaving Lebanon permanently and closing their interests.

Here it did not exceed two hundred to two hundred and fifty people.

The newspaper quoted an “informed source” asserting that “a lot of aid was monitored from Lebanon to Armenia, through citizens who left with the start of the fighting, most of them food, and some of them sent generators to generate electricity, medicines, and money for their families”.

It is noteworthy that multiple reports confirmed Turkey’s involvement in sending mercenaries from Syria to fight with Azerbaijan against Armenia.