55 fires broke out in the coastal forests in Syria

Fifty-five fires broke out in various areas of Tartous and Lattakia.

On Thursday, until 2:00 pm, on Friday, (Local time) as the area of Mashta al Helou area witnessed the largest and most severe fires.

The commander of the Tartous Fire Brigade, Colonel Samir Shamma, told local press: “55 fires broke out, including 8 forest fires and 47 agricultural land, trees and herbs fires in various areas of Tartous Governorate from Thursday until 2 pm on Friday” (Local Time).

Indicating that “6 forest fires have been extinguished in the areas of al Raqma, al Tali’i, Habso, al Subhiyyah, Duir Taha and Zimrin in the countryside of Tartous”.

Colonel Shamma stated that “there are two forest fires that are still under treatment, and they are in the Mashta al Helou area, which is one of the largest, toughest and harsh fires, and a fire in the village of Jawibat in Banias countryside,” pointing out that “forest fires overlap with agricultural lands and over large areas”.

Shamma stated that “the forest fire that broke out in the area of ​​Mashta Al-Hilu extended to the areas of al Qushaa, al Kafron, Saba, Nabaa Karkar and al Barqiya, and over an area estimated at more than 15 km”.

Adding that “the fire in the Mashta al Helou area was renewed as a result of the eastern winds and the rugged roads and the impossibility of opening a road to it, which made it difficult for agricultural and firefighting vehicles to reach the places of fire”.

Shamma added that he “participates in the process of extinguishing the fire of Mashta al Helou, the Agriculture Directorate, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Defense, the local community and all related equipment”.

Shamma pointed out that “47 fires have been extinguished, which broke out in agricultural lands, trees and grasses in the areas of Dahr Safra, al Bayda, al Rawdah, Buhais, Jadidah al Bahr, Tayyibah al Mahdi, Ruwaisah Hamdan, and at al Jamasa Bridge and Obesity Factory”.

In addition to the villages of Umm Hosh, Jurat al Jamis, Dahr Bashir, Mintar, Deir Habash, Bismaqa, al Hura, Asheqa, Abu Afsa, and at the al Kashfa Junction and the cement factory in Tartous countryside.

Shamma added that “47 fires who were extinguished were on limited areas due to easy access to fire fighting vehicles”.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of the current year 2020, the forest areas affected by the fires in Tartous Governorate were estimated at 5560 acres, and the number of fires that broke out in agricultural and forest lands reached 317 fires in the governorate.