Davutoglu reveals dangerous information regarding Syria

Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, head of the opposition Future Party in Turkey, revealed details that provided information for the first time about Turkish officers’ opposition to supporting the Syrian opposition.

The Turkish official spoke in an interview with “Turkey News” channel about his country’s policy in the file of the Syrian crisis since its inception and how they dealt with it, noting that he made a “recommendation for military intervention in Syria” while he was working as Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time.

In his interview, Davutoglu explained that the Turkish army leadership rejected the request and the Turkish army officers opposed the idea of ​​Turkish military intervention in Syria, considering that the reason for their opposition was that they (the officers) belonged to the “Gulen” organization, which was controlling the army leadership, he said.

“If the Gulen organization had not controlled the leadership of the Turkish army, the reality in Syria today would be completely different from what it is now,” Gulen said.

Ihsanoglu added, “As foreign minister at the time, I tried within my power, but a decision like intervention in Syria is a decision at the state level”.

According to the statements carried by the website of the “Syria” channel (affiliated with Turkey, which broadcasts from Turkish territory), Davutoglu said that if Turkey had supported and trained the so-called “Free Army”, “We would not have lost Aleppo and Raqqa, and we would have been able to expel ISIS (the terrorist banned in Russia).

From the northern regions of Syria.

”Turkey would have“ now administered northern Syria from Deir al Zour to Latakia”.

In his statements, Davutoglu noted that Turkey has tried since the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring” to create a “security wall” for its protectors on its southern borders, with the knowledge of the Chief of Staff of the Army and Intelligence, and said: “We drew a line on our southern borders, starting from Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq, passing through in southern Aleppo, northern Homs, and reaching Latakia and Tartous.

Davutoglu considered that the “chemical attack” incident was “a defining turning point in the Turkish strategies in Syria”. 

He revealed the existence of a “joint American-Turkish policy” regarding the Syrian file in the past, according to the source.

On the reason for Turkey’s failure to support the Syrian opposition (when he was prime minister), Davutoglu justified that by revealing dangerous information related to the incident of “arresting Turkish intelligence trucks that were transporting weapons to the Turkish opposition,” carrying out the incident of stopping the trucks of the “Gulen” organization and said: “When this is The fate of Gulen’s agents in the Turkish state and the Chief of Staff, what could I have done as prime minister?”

Davutoglu added: “If we had supported (the Free Army) as well as the United States supported the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, we would have been able to control Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, we would not have reached this stage, and we would not have been talking about this issue now”.

He said: “I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, I use diplomacy only, and I’m not responsible for that.

I did not manage the army chief of staff… There was a problem inside the army.

In harmony, but I was not the one who could use military force.