Biden’s campaign pledges to reveal the results of his Corona tests as New York’s mayor intends to close areas hardest hit by COVID-19

The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged to release the results of his tests for Covid-19 disease as of now.

The US news website Axios quoted Andrew Pattis, a Biden campaign spokesman, as saying the former vice president “is doing regular tests”.

Biden told reporters he did not test for the virus on Saturday, but did it on Friday and will retest on Sunday.

His campaign did not reveal Biden’s test results before President Donald Trump showed symptoms of the Coronavirus.

On the other hand, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday a plan to close unnecessary activities and schools in nine postal districts in Brooklyn and Queens, according to the local NBC New York television station.

The US news site Axios said on the Internet that it would be the first time the city had backed off from reopening the economy since spring, when New York was the epicenter of the emerging Coronavirus.

According to the site, the nine neighborhoods identified by de Blasio recorded a positive test rate of more than 3 percent during the week, amid a jump in cases in both the city and the state.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the state’s localities “have not played an active role in enforcing (health restrictions),” and added that the state would begin implementing “strict enforcement” of the restrictions.

Cuomo must approve de Blasio’s plan before it takes effect.