15 new Syrian militants killed in Azerbaijan

Fifteen Syrian mercenaries were killed in the ongoing battles in the “Nagorno Karabakh” region, which is disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“Syrian opposition website” Step news said that “the bodies of the dead arrived on Saturday evening to the areas occupied by the Syrian opposition, in the north of the country”.

The bodies of the dead belong to the mercenaries of what is known as the “National Army” of Turkey, which the Turkish government moves according to its will, from one state to another.

The “opposition observatory” stated that “the death toll of Syrian mercenaries affiliated with Turkey in Azerbaijan reached 64, as of Saturday”.

The Syrian mercenaries are participating in the ongoing war in the disputed region, under the banner of the Azerbaijani forces, with Turkish directives and funding, in exchange for monthly salaries of up to $ 2000.

According to the opposition “Step news” website, the terrorist organizations that sent their mercenaries to Azerbaijan are the so-called “Hamza Division”, “Sultan Murad” and “Legion of the Levant”, which are terrorists.

The “opposition observatory” pointed out that “Turkish security companies and intelligence continue to transport and train large numbers of Turkish factions to fight in Azerbaijan, as the number of arriving elements there increased to about 1,200 fighters”.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan is the third destination for Turkish mercenaries, within one year, after it had previously taken them to Libya to fight within the ranks of Tripoli government Brotherhood forces, and then to the Greek-Turkish borders, as a form of pressure on the Greeks, in its struggle with them over the areas of marine exploration for resources energy.