Armenia and Azerbaijan: What are the casualties so far?

The Deputy Commander of the Nagorno Karabakh army, Artur Sargsyan, announced the latest military figures and developments in light of the ongoing military fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Sargsyan said in a statement, that the losses in the ranks of the army in Nagorny Karabakh amounted to about 54 dead and hundreds of wounded.

The military general indicated that the total number of military deaths from the Armenian side reached about 157 soldiers.

As for the losses of the Azerbaijani side, according to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, about 830 soldiers were killed, in addition to the shooting down of 4 fighters, 3 helicopters and 17 drones.

Sargsyan added, “39 military vehicles belonging to the Azerbaijani army have been destroyed, in addition to an entire artillery division”.

Sargsyan revealed that one of the dead officers on the Azerbaijani side had found files and documents in Arabic.

The current military clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan on September 27, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, approved the imposition of a state of war in a number of cities and regions of the republic and a curfew, and also announced a partial mobilization, while the Armenian Cabinet declared a state of war and general mobilization in the country due to the events. In Karabakh.