Italian intelligence carries out a security operation inside Syria

On Tuesday, Italian intelligence announced the implementation of a security operation inside Syrian territory and the arrest of a figure linked to ISIS.

And it stated in a statement that it was able to arrest a citizen, “Alice Brinioli” and her four children and return them to the country after their traceability.

The statement indicated that “Brignioli” traveled to Syria accompanied by her husband, “Muhammad Qureshi,” an Italian of Moroccan descent, and three of their children in 2015 to join “ISIS”.

The investigators charged the aforementioned citizen with promoting jihad and educating her children about it.

According to the statement, she will be placed in prison while her children will be placed in a care home.

The head of the anti-terrorist unit in “Milan”, Prosecutor General Alberto Nobili, said that this operation reflects the great capacity of the Italian security forces and the strength of international cooperation.

He added in press statements, “We believe that we can fight” terrorism “and take back the fighters, and perhaps make them change their positions, as has already happened in many cases.

It is worth noting that the Italian authorities did not specify the location in which the operation was carried out, but it is likely that it was in the north-eastern regions of Syria, where the protection militia is holding thousands of ISIS fighters and their families, most of them from non-Syrian nationalities, and their countries refuse to take them back.