5 since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria, what are the results?

On this time in 2015, Russia launched a military operation in Syria, in a move that the past five years has proven its right and effective in limiting the expansion of terrorist forces in the region and beyond.

The decision to intervene came at the request of Damascus after the position of the Syrian government forces had become, by the fall of 2015, critical in its war against the various armed opposition groups and terrorist organizations.

Russia’s involvement in the ongoing war in Syria, which mainly represented in the air support of the Syrian army’s operations, in addition to advisory assistance and the deployment of units of the military police, helped to reverse the balance of power on the battlefield and transfer the Syrian army from the defense front to the attack, where it was able to liberate most The country’s territory.

The field changes that the “Astana process” helped to install with the participation of Russia, Turkey and Iran, in addition to the Syrian government and representatives of the opposition, paved the way for the emergence of the signs of a political settlement process, through the formation of the Constitutional Committee a year ago, which remains the only practical mechanism for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, even if its performance So far substandard for various reasons.

It should be noted that the goals of the Russian operation in Syria were not limited to sparing this country from the consequences of falling into the grip of extremists and sliding into the abyss of chaos and disintegration, but also taking into account the considerations of the national and security interests of Russia itself.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu confirmed that, as a result of the Russian military operation in Syria, more than 133,000 militants have been eliminated, 45,000 of whom are from the republics of the former Soviet Union.

He pointed out that the international terrorist gangs, their financing and supply channels have been severely damaged, and “the successful actions of the Russian armed forces in Syria have put an impenetrable barrier to the expansion of terrorist groups’ activity and their transfer to neighboring regions”.

Shoygu stressed that the international terrorist organization “ISIS” in Syria has ceased to exist, and no terrorist has infiltrated Russia, “thus becoming” the mission set by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin, has been fully implemented”.

In response to the question, which some have been asking so far, whether Russia “did the right thing” in undertaking that difficult mission in Syria, Shoygu emphasized that “it can be said based on evidence and facts that the mission was necessary, and the decision to start the military operation was correct, if It was not the only possible decision.

The operation in Syria also demonstrated the increased capabilities of the Russian armed forces, and their willingness to provide military assistance to their allies and partners, Shoygu noted, adding that it “strengthened Russia’s prestige, increased its international influence, and thwarted the geopolitical rivals’ attempts to isolate our country politically and diplomatically”.

After the implementation of the operation’s tasks, the number of Russian forces present in Syria was reduced, but it remains able to increase its capabilities at any time based on the Hmeimim air base and the naval base in Tartus, which makes Russia a player for which a thousand accounts are calculated from any regional and international actors in the region.