The Times: Britain prepares for social isolation in northern Britain and possibly London

The Times reported on Sunday that the British government plans to impose a comprehensive social isolation across most of northern Britain and possibly London to tackle a second wave of Covid-19 disease.

The report added that under the new isolation measures being considered, orders will be issued to close all bars and restaurants for an initial period of two weeks.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier this week that any new general lockdown would threaten jobs, people’s livelihood and human contact.

The report added that families will also be prevented indefinitely from meeting with each other in any closed location where they were not already under the order.

Last week, Britain imposed new measures requiring people to work from home whenever possible and ordering restaurants and bars to close early to counter a rapidly spreading second wave of Covid-19 with new restrictions that could last six months.

The newspaper quoted a senior government source as saying that schools and shops will be allowed to continue, in addition to factories and offices whose employees cannot work from home.