The Guardian: Washington expands the use of the secret “Ninja” missile in Syria

 Media outlets have indicated an increase in the number of cases of the United States’ use of an advanced secret missile known as “Ninja” in Syria.

The “Guardian” newspaper reported that the “Hellfire AGM-114R9X” missile, which first attracted media attention last year, has been used repeatedly since then to eliminate terrorists linked to al Qaeda in Syria.

The newspaper pointed out that, until last May, it was considered that the use of this missile in combat operations did not exceed six times, but the intensity of operations using it has witnessed an increasing increase since then.

The report considers that the expansion of the use of this missile in Syria is linked to the problems that the US military faces in its special operations there, especially in light of the tangible Russian military presence.

The last targeting operation was carried out with this missile, according to media reports, on September 14th, and culminated in the elimination of the Tunisian terrorist Sayyaf, affiliated with the “Guardians of Religion” organization, which is linked to al Qaeda.

Last June, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” published a video clip showing the debris of a missile of this type targeting a car in Idlib carrying two wanted men and a Yemeni on board, which led to their liquidation.

This secret missile was designed during the era of former US President Barack Obama in order to reduce the risk of “collateral damage” among civilians when using it.

The missile hits the target in a concentrated fashion without exploding, which allows the targeting circle to be sharply reduced, and it contains six blades that kill everyone in the immediate vicinity of the target.