Trump: We won’t lose the elections except through fraud, and the United States needs a real leader, not the “lazy” Biden

US President Donald Trump believes that he will not lose the next presidential election unless the Democrats falsify the results of the vote by mail.

“We won’t lose the election unless they cheat,” Trump said, addressing a rally of supporters in Virginia. 

We cannot allow them to do so. The talk is about the fate of our country, because these people will destroy our country,” according to what was reported by Reuters.

“It is cheating, and they know that, and the media know very well what will happen,” the US President said. 

Democrats know this better than others. We cannot allow them to do so.

If you notice something like this, you should immediately inform it”.

“We want the transition to be amicable, we don’t want them to deceive us, we don’t want to be fools and say let’s hand them over. We know that they rigged thousands of ballots.

 We will never tolerate this”.

Opinion polls show that more Democrats than Republicans intend to vote by mail to avoid exposure to the Coronavirus in crowded polling places.

Trump said, on Saturday, that the United States of America needs a real leader, not like his Democratic rival in the elections, Joe Biden.

The US President also confirmed that he would be very embarrassed if the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden wins, asserting that Biden’s use of the word “covers” is a great indication that he is a lazy man, according to what the American “New York Post” reported.