The United States sends huge military reinforcements to northeastern Syria

For 15 days, the United States of has continued to send reinforcements to its military bases in northeastern Syria, after a hiatus of about two months.

The official Turkish Anadolu news Agency quoted local sources, on Saturday, that Washington has sent, during the past two weeks, about 300 trucks containing military and logistical equipment to its bases spread between the governorates of Deir al Zour and Hasaka.

The sources pointed out that the reinforcements included dozens of large armored vehicles, ammunition boxes, food and drink, and fuel tanks, in addition to other logistical supplies.

It indicated that American trucks entered through the “Al Waleed” border crossing between Iraq and Syria, and headed from there to the American bases.

During the past five years, the United States has sent huge quantities of weapons and logistical supplies to its bases in the region and to the “SDF” militia under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

It is worth noting that the United States sent combat military equipment to northeastern Syria over the past few days, amid an escalation in tension between the American and Russian forces east of the Euphrates, in light of Moscow’s attempt to crowd out American influence there.