The rate of tests for COVID-19 continues to rise in France

France recorded more than 14,000 new infections with the new Coronavirus within 24 hours, a slight decrease from the outcome of the past 48 hours, but the rate of positive examinations continues to rise, according to data published by the Public Health Institution on Saturday.

The number of new infections reached 14,412 during the last 24 hours, compared to about 16,000 cases during each of Friday and Thursday.

On the other hand, the rate of positive examinations continued to rise continuously. 

The rate of injuries among those who underwent examinations reached 7.2 percent on Saturday.

With the announcement of new restrictions this week in an attempt to contain the epidemic, 39 people died in the last 24 hours, compared to 56 the previous day.

In the last seven days, 4,102 new hospitalizations were recorded, including 763 critical resuscitation cases.

Since the virus appeared, at least 31,700 people have died in France as a result of COVID-19.

On Friday, the Public Health Foundation warned that the Covid-19 pandemic is “in an escalating phase” in France. 

Among the “points of concern” revealed by the foundation is the “increasing spread” of the virus among the elderly.