The Daily Telegraph: China is preparing to announce global victory in the Coronavirus vaccine race

The Daily Telegraph newspaper published a report by its correspondent in the Chinese capital, Sophie Yan, entitled “China is preparing to announce global victory in the race for the Coronavirus vaccine”.

Sophie says that Sinovac, which is developing one of four Chinese vaccines, has reached the final stage of clinical testing in humans and this coincides with Beijing building a huge factory to produce the vaccine commercially.

She adds that Sinovac is already producing thousands of vaccine doses inside its facilities in southern Beijing on a daily basis, and the company confirms that it will provide the vaccine in various countries of the world early next year.

Sophie explains that China has so far developed 4 different vaccines in the testing phase on humans, which exceeds any other country that has developed a vaccine for the virus, and some have reached the same stage, but with fewer vaccines, such as the United States and Britain.

She adds that it is clear that China is about to announce its victory over the rest of the world in the race to reach a successful vaccine for the Coronavirus, after it has already announced its victory in the popular war on the epidemic, which will support Beijing’s efforts to enhance its image as a world leader in the scientific and medical fields.