The United States imposes new sanctions on Iran

On Thursday, the United States imposed new sanctions on Iranian officials and entities, claiming that they have developed into “serious violations” of human rights.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said in a statement that the new sanctions included Judge Syed Mahmoud Sadati, Judge Muhammad Sultani, First Branch of the Shiraz Revolutionary Court, and Adel Abad, Urmia and Wakil Abad prisons, according to Reuters.

These included a judge, which Washington said was involved in the execution of an Iranian wrestler.

It comes two days after the United States announced sanctions against entities and people in Iran, against the background of uranium enrichment activity.

The US administration said that the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department, on Tuesday, included the Iranian Ministry of Defense, and two people who play a central role in uranium enrichment activities in Tehran.

US Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, confirmed that many of those targeted by the new US sanctions have links to the Iranian nuclear energy organization. 

Trade Minister Wilbur Ross explained that his country has added 5 Iranian scientists to the sanctions list.

Also, Pompeo announced, Washington’s intention to provide $ 720 million in aid to civilians affected by the war in Syria.

“To help address the crisis created by the brutal military campaign of the Assad regime, Russia and Iran, the United States has announced more than $ 720 million in humanitarian aid to support civilians affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria,” Pompeo twitted.