Washington’s conditions for restoring relations with Damascus

Six conditions that US Deputy Secretary of State, Joel Rayburn talked about, to restore US relations with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, conditions that were approved by US President Donald Trump, according to Rayburn, and set by the working group responsible for the Syrian issue.

Conditions that did not include the resignation of President Assad, or the introduction of radical changes in the Syrian regime, but apparently focused on the return of refugees and displaced Syrians to their countries.

Washington’s conditions, and within a conference held by the Global Policy Center, Rayburn set the conditions for restoring relations with President Assad, foremost among which is the cessation of what he called his regime’s sponsorship of terrorism (Iran and Hezbollah).

Among the conditions mentioned by Rayburn was that the Syrian regime cut off military ties with Iran and end hostilities with neighboring countries.

Washington stipulated that, to restore relations, Damascus hand over all weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons.

The United States stipulated that the Syrian leadership create a situation that allows the return of refugees and displaced persons and prosecute those responsible for war crimes in Syria.

In the form of messages sent by the US official to Russia, President Assad’s main ally, Rayburn said that Moscow could use its influence more effectively in Syria.

The US official explained: Russia can use its influence on the Syrian leadership, to force it to sit at the table and enter a political process.

Rayburn pointed out that the Caesar Act does not include any exceptions, stressing that his country will continue to impose sanctions on people and institutions in Syria, as part of the Civilian Protection Law in Syria.

According to the US official, the sanctions will include any person or institution that deals with Damascus, or conducts activities that benefit the Syrian military machine.

Rayburn stated that his country’s government contacted many parties, before starting to implement the law, pointing out that Assad would not be able to reap the fruits of the war, as he put it.