Putin calls for a peace treaty to ban weapons in space and offers the Coronavirus vaccine to UN staff

During his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the conclusion of a treaty to ban weapons in space and offered to provide the Russian Coronavirus vaccine to United Nations employees free of charge.

Putin said, “Russia is ready to give the United Nations all the necessary assistance, especially, we offer to provide our vaccine free of charge for the optional vaccination of United Nations employees and its offices”.

Putin said the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic has renewed the need to lift trade sanctions.

Russia has suffered severe sanctions from Western powers since it annexed Crimea from neighboring Ukraine six years ago.

He said, according to a text published on the Kremlin’s website, “Liberating the world of commerce from illegal barriers, restrictions and sanctions will provide great help in revitalizing global growth and reducing unemployment”.

Emphasizing the need for a treaty to guarantee peace in space, Putin said, “Russia is taking the initiative to sign a binding agreement between all the leading space powers providing for the prohibition of the deployment of weapons in outer space and the threat or use of force against objects in outer space”.