Macron: The Europeans will not give up their refusal to activate the sanctions in the Iranian nuclear issue

French President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday to the United Nations that France, Germany and Britain will not “give up” their refusal to support the reinstatement of UN sanctions against Iran after the United States took the initiative to do so.

The French President said in a recorded speech to the General Assembly that “France, along with its partners Germany and Britain, will continue to demand the full implementation of the 2015 Vienna Agreement” on the Iranian nuclear program, and “will not accept the violations committed by Iran,” but he corrected, “Nevertheless, we will not compromise on activating a mechanism.

The United States is not in a position to do it on its own after leaving the agreement.

Macron explained that “the application of the mechanism to re-impose sanctions would undermine the unity of the Security Council and all its decisions and risk increased regional tension”.

The French president stressed the need to “establish a framework within the 2015 nuclear agreement to ensure that Iran never acquires nuclear weapons and also addresses its ballistic missile program and its destabilizing activities”.

It is noteworthy that Washington unilaterally announced the return of UN Security Council sanctions on Tehran last Saturday, and threatened to impose sanctions on other countries that would not abide by them.

The French president also declared before the United Nations that “the world in its current situation cannot be reduced to the rivalry between China and the United States,” calling on the international community to “build new alliances”.

“We are not condemned collectively… to be in some form mere witnesses to a collective impotence,” Macron said in his speech to the General Assembly of the international organization.

Macron’s speech came a few hours after US President Donald Trump launched a new attack on China, raising fears of a “new cold war” between the two powers. Without referring to the United States, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned of a “clash of civilizations trap”.

Macron added, “The world in its current situation cannot be reduced to the rivalry between China and the United States, whatever the global weight of these two great powers, whatever the history that binds us, especially the United States of America”.

He added that in the face of Beijing and Washington, “we have margins for maneuver that we must use and know how to define our priorities in this environment, and to present our options clearly and build new alliances”.

Macron called on Europe in particular to “assume its full responsibility” and “not to fall”.

He said, “The European Union, which many expected in some form of its division and impotence, took a historic step of unity, sovereignty and solidarity in order to choose the future,” referring in particular to efforts to produce an anti-Covid-19 vaccine and reduce the debts of poor countries, especially Africa.