Israel establishes secret intelligence bases in the Gulf

The Israeli writer Richard Silverstein points out in the blog “Tikkun Ulam” that Israel is establishing secret intelligence bases in the Gulf after Eritrea, which will allow it to monitor marine traffic and shipping traffic between China and Iran.

The Israeli writer Richard Silverstein talks about the military bases that Israel is secretly establishing in the Gulf after the normalization process, and its planning to establish a secret base on the Yemeni island of Socotra, which will allow it to monitor commercial movement between Iran and China.

The following is the translation of the article Complete:

Since 2016, Israel has secretly established an advanced electronic intelligence base in Eritrea to monitor the strategic Bab al Mandab Strait, through which most Gulf oil shipments travel on their way to clients around the world.

al Qaeda, located on the highest mountain in the country, Emba Sweera, outside the capital Asmara, monitors the activities of the “Ansar Allah” movement in Yemen, which is fighting against the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

Moreover, it also functions as a command and control center for Gulf Air Force attacks in Yemen. 

It is a way to ensure that Egypt never threatens Israeli interests in the southern part of the Red Sea, especially its shipping. 

al Qaeda also enables Israel to monitor the smuggling of weapons in Sudan for Hamas. 

Finally, it acts as a forward base to monitor Iranian shipping, and Iran’s efforts to penetrate Eritrea, after it was expelled from Sudan after the overthrow of its dictator Omar al Bashir.

Refers to a second secret Israeli base planned in the Gulf. 

After the recent normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, as they are looking to establish a base on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

According to a Turkish report, the leader of the Yemeni tribe on the island spoke to the media about a joint visit by a high-ranking Israeli-Emirati intelligence delegation charged with selecting a site for a new military intelligence base. 

According to Intelligence Online, the Yemeni militant group allied with the UAE, which occupied the island four months ago, was not satisfied with the Israeli presence and informed its sponsors of its displeasure.

As in Eritrea, Socotra is mountainous and provides useful locations for locating SIGINT facilities.

Although the island chain is under Yemeni sovereignty, the UAE has taken control of the area and maintains a military presence there.

Among other things, the base will allow Israel to monitor shipping between Iran and China. 

After the signing of a military trade agreement worth $ 400 billion for 25 years between Beijing and Tehran, China is expected to provide Iran with logistics, advanced technology and weapons systems, many of which will move through these waters, providing an excellent point from which to monitor maritime traffic.

Socotra will be the second largest intelligence base for “Israel” in the region and another example of its attempt to project its power there. 

This is, of course, ironic, because one of the main allegations against Iran is its alleged “expansionist” goals to project its Islamic revolution outside its borders in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. 

Israel has always been ahead of Iran in this game. 

And its hypocrisy in accusing the Iranians of exactly what they did for decades is colossal.

In a separate development related to normalization between the UAE and Israel, “Intelligence Online” reported that the Gulf state is pressuring its allies in the region to join it in establishing relations with Israel. 

Among those negotiating such a deal are the UAE-backed Yemeni movement, the leader of the Libyan militia, Khalifa Haftar, and Muhammad Dahlan, the former Palestinian strongman who became one of the top security advisors to the UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan.

This is not the most palatable person in the region. 

But this does not seem to alienate the hateful Israeli leaders, who have never met an Arab dictator they do not like. 

All they need to gain support from Israel is an authoritarian regime, a lot of oil money, and a yearning for Israeli weapons and espionage technology.