The Independent: Trump is “creating a clash” with Iran to win votes in the upcoming elections

The Independent newspaper published an article about a warning of imminent US pressure on Iran in the coming days, and this pressure may include the scenario of US warships intercepting Iranian shipping vessels in international waters, which would represent an escalation of the already existing tension between the two countries.

The newspaper adds that Washington’s intention to impose sanctions on Iran and to exert additional pressure on it is a clear violation of Security Council resolutions that reject the imposition of further sanctions on the Iranian regime after it was canceled in the 2015 Lausanne nuclear agreement.

The newspaper also quotes the US envoy to Iran and Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, as saying, “These upcoming measures will target, in addition to Iran, the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela”.

It is noteworthy that Abrams, who recently took over the Iranian crisis file after Brian Hook’s resignation, was known for his adventure in drafting Washington’s foreign policy, and was previously indicted for his role in devising a scheme to use proceeds from illicit arms sales to Iran to finance militias in Central America accused of war crimes he was later pardoned.

“If the United States tries to stop any Iranian cargo ship, no one can predict what will happen, but that will definitely create another element of turmoil in a situation governed by the lack of confidence between the two parties,” a senior European diplomat comments to The Independent.

Just days ago, the hard-line Iranian newspaper, Guan, warned that “Tehran may put an actual end to the nuclear agreement, close its surveillance cameras and start enriching uranium to 90 percent”.

Donald Trump’s administration has only a few months left in his first and perhaps last term, so some of his staff see any move against the “old enemy” Iran as a move likely to be popular with some voters.