50 destructive air raids by the Russian and Syrian air forces on strategic locations of terrorist groups in Idlib

On Sunday morning, Idlib governorate witnessed intense air raids by the Russian and Syrian warplanes on the headquarters and sites of the “Guardians of Religion” militant organization, which is ideologically linked to the terrorist organization “al Qaeda”, in several areas around the city of Idlib and its northern countryside.

A field source confirmed that the air strikes targeted the headquarters of “Guardians of Religion”, after Russian reconnaissance planes monitored intense activity by the organization’s militants inside the headquarters, which required a rapid intervention by warplanes through 48 air strikes targeting these sites.

The source revealed that these raids resulted in the destruction of more than 9 headquarters and several vehicles of the “Guardians of Religion” militants, in addition to the destruction of a warehouse containing logistical equipment that the armed groups attempted to be transferred in the area north of Idlib towards the southern countryside.

The field source added that the airstrikes targeted the west of Idlib city, which was recently handed over by HTS (Formerly known as al Nusra Front) to the “Guardians of Religion” organization, as these air strikes caused Death and injuries among the militants.

The “Guardians of Religion” organization consists of militant fighters who announced in 2016 the creation of their own organization, maintaining their loyalty to the leader of “al Qaeda” in Afghanistan, Ayman al Zawahiri.

The organization is led by the Shura Council that is dominated by Jordanian fighters who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and the Caucasus, and who have a long history in the ranks of al Qaeda.

Among them (the Jordanians, Abu Jalibib “Tobas”, Abu Khadija, Abu Abd al Rahman al Makki, Saif al Adl and Sami al Uraydi”).

The organization also includes in its ranks foreign and Arab “jihadists”, and has worked to attract local fighters experienced in fighting inside Syria.

The “Guardians of Religion” organization at the end of 2018 merged fighters from “Ansar al Tawhid” in the areas under its control north of Hama and southern Idlib, and the descendants of them of Gulf, Arab and North African nationalities secured their own settlement areas, while other “Ansar al Tawhid” ISIS militants of their descendants were integrated.

From Central Asia, on the fronts controlled by the “Turkistan Islamic Party” and the “Albanian Group” in the southwestern countryside of Idlib and Lattakia in the northeast, adjacent to the Turkish border.