Iran unveils a treasure cave that oil barrels are worth nothing next to it

Iran revealed what it described as “qualitative achievements” in the production of radioisotopes, which makes it one of the few countries that have the ability to produce them at the global level.

This was reported by the Iranian “Tasnim” agency, last Monday, referring to the words of Assistant President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi: “Iran has made qualitative achievements in the field of producing radioisotopes and joined the ranks of the few countries capable of producing them”.

Salehi’s comments came during the start-up ceremony for the construction of the infrastructure for the second phase of the Gas Stable Isotope Centrifuge Production Project at the “Shahid Ali Mohammadi” Fordow nuclear site.

“Enrichment is not just uranium enrichment, and we can enrich other elements, because some elements of the Mendeleev schedule contain about 256 stable isotopes, and these isotopes have a wide range of applications, including in industry, health, agriculture, cultural heritage and archeology,” he said.

“We hope to launch this project within the next two years,” the assistant to the President of the Republic of Iran explained.

Ali Akbar Salehi said, “The cost of each piece of stable isotopes is estimated at 140,000 dollars, and compared to the price of each barrel of crude, which ranges between 30 and 40 dollars, the great added value inherent in this product will appear”.

On the Atomic Energy Commission’s cooperation with the Russians in the field of producing stable isotopes at the laboratory level, Ali Akbar Salehi said: “We have entered a new field”.

He continued: “Fortunately we have taken great steps, and in this regard the basic infrastructure has been provided to produce the required software,” adding: “We are using centrifuges (IR1) to enrich stable isotopes such as tellurium and xenon on an experimental basis, and we intend to take this issue to the industrial level”.

Salehi said, “Tehran has made great strides in obtaining the technology for producing stable isotopes, and it stands by the few countries that possess this technology”.

He continued, “The Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization is one of the elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power, and has been able to achieve achievements and shine permanently in the context of preserving its peaceful activities and thwarting attempts to obstruct this activity”.