HaberTurk: Moscow demands Ankara to withdraw points from the south of the M4

Turkish media sources confirmed what Russian media sources reported about Moscow’s request to Ankara to withdraw some observation points from Idlib governorate in northern Syria and reduce the number of Turkish forces there.

“HabarTurk” newspaper quoted sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry as saying: The Russians have already reiterated their demands to withdraw the checkpoints to the north of the international Aleppo – Lattakia M4 road, but Ankara refused this.

According to the newspaper, the Russians also demanded a reduction in the number of Turkish forces in Idlib, in conjunction with their fighters launching air strikes in the south of the province.

According to the source, Turkey was determined on its position of adhering to the Moscow and Astana agreements and rejecting the Russian demand, while Ankara warned that the two parties’ failure to reach an agreement threatens the future of the Moscow agreement, which was indicated by the Turkish foreign minister yesterday.

The newspaper pointed out that the Russians always preempt sitting at the dialogue table by achieving a “balance” on the ground, and they adopted this method with both the United States and Turkey.

And Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed that the meeting that took place between the Russians and the Turks in Ankara “was not very fruitful,” warning of the repercussions of the continued bombing of Idlib on the political process.