Escalation in Idlib threatens to ignite the region again

The regions of northwestern Syria are witnessing differences between the conflicting parties, politically and militarily, as the region began to suggest a return of military operations to it, after differences emerged between Russia and Turkey, the two countries that sponsored the recent ceasefire agreement.

Representatives of the two countries met in Ankara during the past days, while those meetings were not auspicious for the aforementioned region, as the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, confirmed in an interview with “CNNTURK” that the meeting with the Russians “was not fruitful” according to him.

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, accused Turkey of not implementing its obligations to the agreement signed last March, which stipulated a ceasefire and the conduct of joint patrols.

Zakharova considered, according to what Russian media reported, that “the situation in Idlib is still far from stability,” as she put it.

Russia also called on the Turkish side to reduce the number of military observation points deployed in Idlib, which was rejected by Turkey.

On the ground, the area has been witnessing for weeks an escalation through artillery and missile strikes.

On Friday, Turkish army vehicles were subjected to an artillery attack carried out by the Syrian army forces south of Idlib, according to opposition sources, in conjunction with the entry of a new Turkish military convoy, through the “Kafr Lossin” crossing in the north of the province.

A Turkish military source said: “The Syrian forces stationed in the village of Kafr Battikh bombed Turkish army pick-up vehicles that were on a tour near the village of Maarzaf to the south of Idlib.

The source added: “Three mortar shells landed close to the Turkish vehicles, causing damage to them without causing injuries or casualties among the Turkish soldiers”.

The Turkish forces continue to mobilize their forces on the international road, Aleppo-Latakia, after the explosion that hit one of its military points in the “Marj al Zuhour” area, south of the city of Jisr al Shughour.

An unknown armed group calling itself “Ansar Abu Bakr al Siddiq” announced that it had adopted the operation of targeting a Turkish observation post with a car bomb about three weeks ago.

Activists accuse the HTS (Formerly known as al Nusra Front) of being behind the formation of these groups, to attack the Turkish points and joint military patrols between Russia and Turkey, especially since groups from the organization had previously threatened Turkish and Russian forces trying to approach areas of northwestern Syria.