Biden strongly attacks Trump, calling him as “close to crime” due to the Coronavirus disaster and warns against trusting his statements about providing the vaccine

The Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden, met with voters who drove their cars on the “Drive-in” way, showing thanks to relatively pleasant questions, his famous sense of sympathy and strongly criticizing his opponent Donald Trump’s “semi-criminal” management of the Covid-19 crisis.

Biden confirmed Thursday evening, “This president must resign”.

The two men will face the US presidential elections scheduled for the third of next November.

Biden, who was Vice President under Barack Obama, criticized his opponent’s management of the health crisis that killed about 200,000 people in the United States and overburdened the world’s largest economy, referring to statements made by Trump to journalist Bob Woodward in which he said he intended to “underestimate” the size Pandemic.

Biden said, “He knew and did not move. 

This is a semi-criminal act”.

Less than fifty days before the presidential election, the 77-year-old Democratic candidate chose his hometown of Scranton, in the main state of Pennsylvania, in the election to return to the presidential showdown. 

He responded directly, for the first time since winning the primaries, to Americans’ questions.

This constituted a new occasion for him to test a new offensive approach against Trump, stressing his humble origins in this city.

“I really see this campaign as a campaign between Scranton and Park Avenue,” the prestigious boulevard in Manhattan, just steps away from the Trump Tower.

Biden leads his opponent by great lengths in the national voter opinion polls, but the difference is smaller at the level of about six major states that control the course of the US elections and fluctuate between the two parties.

Biden, who is known for his mistakes, relied on a strong side during the rally, especially as his Republican opponent mocked him and said that he was not fit to be president.

Because of the pandemic, CNN chose an uncommon format for this program. 

The audience, which was limited to a hundred people, drove in front of a platform that Biden climbed and installed in a drive-in parking lot to respect physical distancing. In Pennsylvania, a maximum of 250 people can gather.

And because of that, some apathy dominated this meeting.

However, Joe Biden won the applause when he called on Donald Trump to resign as well when he stressed that there is no need to join the most prestigious American universities to become president.

In front of a woman who lost her sister to Covid-19 and a teacher with weak immunity who expressed his fear of not meeting the students again, Biden, who has printed several tragedies of his life, once again expressed a sense of sympathy that does not enjoy the 74-year-old Donald Trump.

Most of the questions came from Democratic or independent voters, but a pro-Trump voter criticized him and when he tried to boycott her, she asked him to allow her to finish her question. 

The Democratic candidate apologized for her.

Trump had held a similar gathering in Pennsylvania on Tuesday via “ABC”. 

The president narrowly won that state in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Over the course of ninety minutes, he responded to direct and crude questions from the audience and the journalists.

In an apparent conflict between the two candidates, Donald Trump was also in the main election state of Wisconsin on Thursday evening, but with hundreds of his enthusiastic supporters who gathered in front of the US Air Force One on the tarmac of Mosinee airport.

Trump, who is making a lot of his election rallies, mocked his opponent’s gathering, saying, “This is the strangest thing I have seen so far. 

Don’t ask me questions this way” accusing a CNN journalist of having complimented Biden.

Although he lags behind in the polls, voters still trust him more than Biden on the economic file.

“We have the best economy in the history of the world,” the US billionaire said, stressing that when Joe Biden was vice president, pension funds “collapsed”.