The Story of the Block 26 oil field in north east of Syria

The British “Gulf Sands Petroleum” company expressed its concern about the loss of its rights in the (Block 26) oil field, located east of the Euphrates, after the agreement concluded between the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria and a US oil company to invest oil in the region.

Officials at the British company said that they would “defend the company’s rights in the (Block 26) field”.

This came after the Autonomous Administration agreed with the US company, Delta Crescent Energy, to invest oil in its areas of control.

The field (Block 26) is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and produces about 20 thousand barrels per day, while the “Gulf Sands” company has interests in it, by signing a contract with the Syrian government in 2003, so that two-thirds of the production will return to the last after deducting the cost.

The company officials indicated that “more than 26 million barrels were produced from (Block 26) during four years,” noting that the production was “unlicensed, without the knowledge of the beneficiaries, nor the extent of the damage in the oil field”.

Earlier, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham announced before the US Congress that the commander of the Syria Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, had informed him of the signing of an agreement with the company, Delta Crescent Energy, to invest oil in the region.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had confirmed that the agreement aims to modernize Syrian oil, and that “the agreement took more time than expected”.

Meanwhile, Washington stressed that the Syrian oil belongs to the Syrian people, noting, “We’re still committed to the unity and territorial integrity of Syria”.

The Syrian oil production before the outbreak of the crisis in the country was about 360 thousand barrels per day, but it decreased to 60 thousand barrels during the past years, while most of the oil fields are located within the areas of control of the “Autonomous Administration”.