Sunday Telegraph: British intelligence warns of a Russian missile that is flying with an unlimited range and time

The head of British military intelligence, Jim Hockenhall, warned that the Russian nuclear powered missiles, “Purevstnik”, could stay in the atmosphere for an unlimited time.

“Moscow is testing a nuclear-powered missile with an unlimited comprehensive field of influence, and it will allow strikes from unexpected directions,” he was quoted by the “Sunday Telegraph” newspaper.

“They have carefully studied the West, to find out the best place to invest, to create more problems for us,” Hawkenhall added, in a media briefing at the Intelligence Center of the Five Eyes Alliance, which includes the intelligence agencies of the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia.

He pointed to the great Russian investment in developing the submarine fleet and the means of access to the deep sea.

In his message to the Federal Assembly in 2018, President Vladimir Putin announced the latest types of hypersonic strategic weapons, including the “Kingal”, “Avangard” and “Purevstnik” missiles, the combat laser “Peresfit” and the unmanned submarine “Poseidon” powered by energy.

Nuclear, and some of these weapons enter service in the Russian army.