A British expert claimed he has been threatened by Russia and a personal warning was sent to him by the Russian president due to his investigations in Syria

The British Newspaper Eye published an interview entitled “The Chemical Weapon Warrior Who Facing Mortal Danger in Syria, and Threats from Putin and Novichok in his Hometown Salisbury” Robert Verkaik conducted with Hamish de Bretton-Gordon about his new book and his missions in countering the use of chemical weapons.

The retired expert from the Presidency of the Chemical Radiological Nuclear Radiation Regiment of the British Army recalls stages in his journey to investigate incidents of the use of chemical weapons, starting with his dispatch to study the effects of the sarin gas attack in Halabja, Iraq in 1988.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon tells how, despite his retirement, he decided to go himself to investigate allegations of the chemical attack in Saraqib on April 29, 2013.

He stayed for a while on the Turkish-Syrian border, during which he assisted the BBC team during its investigation of the attack, and then decided to venture and cross the border, to bring material evidence and hand it over to the international inspectors.

Hamish says that he joined a humanitarian aid convoy, and entered to receive from a person samples he collected from the site of the attack, but was forced to leave them behind because of a checkpoint.

In the second attempt, he narrates how he entered disguised as a doctor in order to warn doctors about chemical weapons, and how forged papers saved him from the so-called “ISIS” elements.

Hamish spoke of receiving “Russian threats” because of his reference to their responsibility in the “Salisbury attack” and his investigations in Syria, and his warning from President Vladimir Putin personally through the Russian embassy in London.